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21-Jul-2017 19:33

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You can manage this on the ‘Rearrange Photos’ section.

This means you can play around with a mix of headshots, and don’t have to delete, and then upload again on your poor-performing-but-supposedly-high-speed-dial-up-internet.

For now, here are the essential elements of your profile: Editing your profile is very intuitive, simply hover over any of the sections mentioned about, and click edit, and don’t forget to click save after you’re done!

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Then simply drag from “my media” to the “attached media” section.

Every time you are submitted for a role, a casting director, director or producer is going to be looking at your profile. It’s amazing how many actors neglect their casting profiles (me included), and yet a few simple changes and updates can be the difference between one more audition, or none at all.

We are apart of an industry that is passionate, creative and highly competitive, but unfortunately, it is also an industry with which we have virtually no control over.

There are two options when it comes to Pro Services: Unlimited Photos and Multimedia Hosting (seen below).

It is definitely worth upgrading to Multimedia Hosting – it’s really important to have a showreel on your profile, and so I recommend biting the bullet there.

Having Unlimited Photos is also great, but only if you’ve got more than 2 headshots that really showcase you in your best light. (And sometimes, more is just way too much and this isn’t the same as Instagram.) For me, if a small investment leads to just 1 more audition, it’s 100% worth it.

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