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02-Dec-2017 22:05

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After witnessing her once beautiful home world turn into a lifeless husk, Azura must fight to the death in the gladiatorial ring to stay alive.

Meanwhile, a group of human freedom fighters form ...

There are plenty of reasons that a woman might want to win an award or get a promotion; I am merely pointing out that she would be foolish to do so in an attempt to attract men.

Movie Plot: Balcony is the most luxurious members-only clubhouse in town, where investment analyst Stephen comes across millionaire Lucas, stock broker Master Alan and prostitute Milo.

Unfortunately, this isn't the case, as many 30-something single career-women are currently realizing - the hard way.

I used to date a girl (older than me) who would always tell me about how she had just balanced some multi-million dollar budget, or how she was in the throes of closing an important project. Women who try to attract men by being successful are like men who try to attract women by being sweet or gentle.

Likewise it is men, not women, who find gentleness attractive, because it is a symptom of openness, receptiveness, nuturing ability - feminine qualities.

I got bored when the girl I was dating talked about work in the same way that women get turned off when a man starts smothering them with flowers and gifts, or constantly apologizes unnesessarily.

A woman can brag endlessly about how much money she makes, the deals shes has closed, the celebrities she's rubbed elbows with, or the awards she's won: none of it matters to men.Parapsychologist Elise Rainier and her team travel to Five Keys, N. Terror soon strikes when Rainier realizes that the house he lives in was her family's old home.On the dark streets of Draiga, a mining colony occupied by the Visray Empire, lives Azura, the last of a fearsome warrior race known as the Sarnians.This isn't to say that women shouldn't earn Ph Ds, or become CEOs, or generally strive to achieve traditionally masculine goals.

Whether or not women "should" do something is a separate question entirely from what will happen if they do.To survive, they'll play as characters from the game.

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