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We don't have the skill for that just yet, though, so we've got no choice but to think of how to win the love of our readers while we make our stories."Manga (kanji: 漫画; hiragana: まんが; katakana: マンガ). The chapters of a manga are usually first serialized in some weekly or monthly anthology magazine targeting a specific demographic, then collected in bound volumes known as tankōbon.Due to the expense of color printing, the vast majority of manga is drawn in black and white.

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"In the past, during our grandparents' generation, and maybe even during ours today, there were people who forbade children from reading manga because they thought it'd make them stupid.

However, this is no ordinary adult manga yakuza story.

What we have here is a tale about two individuals who commit extremely cruel and violent acts, and come from completely different backgrounds.

Secondly, Guts - the main character - is a total brute in battle and exudes an old school machismo, which is missing in so many male leads in anime nowadays.

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One key area in which the Berserk manga outshines the anime is in the level of detail.A high proportion of anime are adapted from these, so many of the Japanese Visual Arts Tropes got their start here.