Israel and headstones dating from 1096 to 1105 ce Sexspeeddating

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20 The whole world was on tiptoe with expectancy, awaiting vast transformations. According to Daniel and Jerome, the interpreter of Daniel, he is to fix his tents on the Mount of Olive and he will first kill three Kings of Egypt, Africa and Ethopia, without doubt for their Christian faith. 97b, he offers another figure in the name of Samuel ben David Halevi, basing his computation on Ps. In other words, the Messiah would come in the year 1478 c. Halevi sums up the story thus: "From the midst of both Edom and Epher (Epher was one of the sons of Keturah, Gen. This hope is intimated in Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer, chapter 18.

1196), who, as a lad of thirteen, witnessed the horrors of the Second Crusade, and who chronicled it, as well as the story of the Third Crusade, in the Seliha, d^hdi ^ ^ 'ik *jd^ # lamenting the destruction of the Jewish community of Blois, 1171, breaks forth in a despairing cry: 17 And I, how long shall I hope for Redemption At the hands of the son of David and the prophet Elijah? So also Hillel ben Jacob, in his Seliha, bxrw why wen, on the slain of Blois, pleads: 18 Accept, I pray Thee, my prayer, God in high! Establish Thy city and Thy dwelling place as of old in beauty So that God may swell in Zion. Menahem ben Jacob, too, telling of the tragedy of Boppard (1179), where Jews, wrongfully accused of having slain a Christian woman whose body was found on uaaon nana nrn i& nmry r\D)p Bernfeld's S. Throughout the centuries of the Crusades, Christendom was strangely agitated by high Millenarian hopes. And if Antichrist finds there no Christians (just as at present when scarcely any dwell there), no one will be there to oppose him, or whom he may rightly overcome. The Jews living in some of the Mohammedan lands fared little better.

This is the first instance recorded of an attempt to calculate the end by means of astrology. nro and nyv nns nmp nn nns 'ap-iaa where he speaks of the persecution of both Rome (ijp tot = boar) and Arab (ans =wild ass), and concludes with the phrase : "The end which is sealed added to the sorrow of my heart. " The same thought concerning the proximity of the day of Redemption is voiced in his Piyyut, nsnw n»«a nam ,nsw "Hearken now, hapless and pilloried one, hope and wait for me, for very soon will I send my angel to prepare my way." 23 Gabirol is undoubtedly caught up by the same hope which inspired the author of the Book of Zerubbabel, who announced that the Messiah would come in the year 1058.

11.30 as having calculated the end on the basis of astrological computations: "also the words of Solomon ibn Gabirol, who sought to make the Redemption contingent upon the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter." Gabiro Ps tract, however, if it was a tract (or perhaps part of a Biblical commentary) in which these calculations appear, is lost to us. " And the answer is given: "Hope on, hapless one, yet a little while longer!

62 MESSIANIC SPECULATION IN ISRAEL German communities of the twentieth of Nisan, 1147, with the verse: 16 Have pity upon Thy scattered ones, O Holy One, And with Thy gracious spirit uphold us. This, indeed, could not at all be done unless Christianity was established where now is paganism Behold, the Gospel cries out, 'Jerusalem shall be trodden down, by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled/ These times, most beloved brothers, will now, forsooth, be fulfilled, provided the might of the pagans be repulsed through you with the co-operation of 64 MESSIANIC SPECULATION IN ISRAEL B. Verse 14 of chapter 8 reads: "And he said unto me, Unto evening and morning 2300 years, then shall the sanctuary be victorious" irmn vhm wshs npn my ny. Rashi therefore expected the Messiah to come in the year 1352 c. 80.6: "And thou hast given them tears to drink in a threefold measure/' He states that the present exile would last three times as long as the Egyptian 25 See injra s Bahya ben Asher. THE PERIOD OF THE CRUSADES (11-12 c.) 67 (400 years) and the Babylonian (70 years) put together, i. 25.4, hence Arabs) I cry bitterly unto Thee." 27 Towards the end of his lifetime the fol- lowers of the Mahdilbn Tumart (d. Do not, therefore, be impatient; thou wilt behold the glory of My work." 28 In another poem, ohm *b» by nrraw rw he doubts the possibility of discover- ing the end. While the human character of the Messiah and his religio-political mission were never entirely lost sight of, certain miraculous potencies were added to his personality in proportion to the nation's realization of its own impotence.

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