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21-Nov-2017 04:06

There was a significant postdialytic increase in serum sodium concentration with the AFBK compared to ol HDF.

The dry weight and ultrafiltration indices were significantly higher, and the Kt/V was significantly lower during the AFBK period.

Intradialytic hypotensive episodes are deleterious for hemodialysis (HD) patients.

Acetate-free biofiltration with profiled potassium (AFBK) dialysate concentration may improve their cardiovascular stability.

That is why Fresenius Medical Care has been developing products for cardioprotective hemodialysis for years, leading to the Cor Diax product line and the Online Purification Cascade for best water quality.

This comprehensive approach, presented at the booth and the therapy forum, perfectly supports the application of High Volume HDF in daily clinical practice.

At this year’s ERA-EDTA Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey from May 18 to 21, High Volume HDF was the main focus of Fresenius Medical Care’s activities.

Results of the Catalonian HDF study, recently published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, were presented at Fresenius Medical Care’s Scientific Lunch Symposium by the lead study investigator, Dr. With 906 patients from 27 centers in Spain’s Catalonia region, this is the largest study to date on HDF.

This is an intelligent automatic regulation system to maximize the substitution volume for the individual patient while avoiding the risk of filter blockage.

These contributions, in the form of scientific posters and oral presentations, spanned multiple research categories, from stem cell research through all stages of chronic and acute kidney disease.

The categories with the most Fresenius Medical Care research contributions were: • Extracorporeal dialysis – techniques and adequacy (9 posters & 1 oral presentation) • Epidemiology (7 posters) • CKD-Mineral & Bone Disorder (3 posters & 3 oral presentations) Three of the abstracts were considered among the best 10 contributions received, and were given special recognition by the ERA-EDTA.

There was a significant reduction of the hypotensive episodes during the AFBK period compared to the ol HDF period.

Mean intradialytic systolic and diastolic blood pressures were significantly higher during the AFBK period.

Serum albumin concentration significantly increased during the AFBK period.

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