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Ce Ce got the inspiration to write the devotional because she wanted them to have a lifetime change, not just a one time change.Ce Ce says there is a great need to show girls how to walk with God daily – took a lot of the lessons from the conference that resonated.Ce Ce’s commitment to share Jesus through the conference and in her music has intensified with the passing of her brother Ronald.She had a new revelation of how short life is and that we must each be about doing what the Lord has planned for us to accomplish.The conference is a product of her desire to influence young women.Ce Ce wants young women to know “who they are and Whose they are.” Putting together the conference is her way of getting the message out.Ce Ce Winans, well known for her beautiful singing voice and great stage presence, readily admits she just never thought she would be a speaker.But she says she really had fun at her first conference (2005) in Nashville when she hosted 700 teen girls.

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This year's conference as attended by almost 3,000 young women.

Ce Ce was deeply gratified to see hungry teens receive the Lord’s message of love and acceptance.

She says there was great music, good speakers and lots of repentance, joy and freedom for participants and hosts.

Ce Ce also believes mothers should go out and get the book and go through it with their daughters.

Mothers must be aware of what their daughters are facing – that we teach our kids before Satan teaches them , the newest of Ce Ce’s CD releases is about purity, love and family.

Ce Ce performed the song "You Will" from the album numerous times after the Virginia Tech tragedy.