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When he housed the first starving, mistreated Polish prisoners he was shocked at their condition and wrote to his wife: 'I think people look and see that I suffer with them.It is pitiful to see these poor men, their miserable state, but we are powerless.Huddled in the freezing shell of 223 Niepodległości Avenue, salvation came at the last moment in an unlikely form - an officer of the regime that had exterminated his family, along with six million other Jews.Wilm Hosenfeld, bearer of the Iron Cross First Class for gallantry in the First World War, was a Nazi officer who, in that shell-pocked house, forgot the Fuehrer he once idolised and the regime he promised to serve faithfully unto death.Hosenfeld wrote: 'With horrible mass murder of the Jews we have lost this war.We have brought an eternal curse on ourselves'Hitler had nothing but contempt for Poland and its people. No country suffered as much durng WW2 - three million citizens murdered, most of its major cities decimated - and Hosenfeld lived and breathed the carnage on a daily basis.But, as his diaries reveal, he was soon revolted by the actions of his fellow Germans towards Jews and Poles Understanding: 'His moral and ethical compass remained intact throughout the war,' said Hermann Vinke, who has written a biography of the officer.

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Next, he was stationed in Węgrów in December 1939, where he remained until his battalion was moved another 30 km away to Jadów at the end of May 1940.One Polish woman stuffed a 20 Zloty note into his hand because he let go her husband and two sons. In one letter home to Annemarie dated November 10 1939, just two months after the invasion, he wrote: 'A powerless anger, a terrible shriek comes from house after house where a Pole lives.' Rescue: It was in 1942 that Hosenfeld saved the first Jewish man, called Leon Warm.

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